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Bachmann Scotrail Ltd Editions

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Amazing but £85 DMU's offered at the Glasgow Show have been changing hands for £650!

The Bachmann Class 158 First Scotrail Ltd Edition DMU only available at the show with 500 examples produced were all snapped up within 20 minutes of the show opening for the list price of £85. Within 1 hour they were appearing on eBay for £650!

They even have a mistake in the livery and this did not stop buyers diving in.

One buyer at the show was immediately offered 3 times what he had paid for the model by a visitor who had missed out on the sale of the centuary and within seconds another vistor came up and offered to pay double whatever was offered!

Lucky Model Rail Forum member Peter Harvey snapped one up and ran it at the Warley MRC club last night. I pointed out that it was probably costing him £10 for every circuit of the layout he was running it on as it was no longer mint. Peter replied "I am not bothered!" as he had absolutely no intention of selling his example. ( When I met Peter the first thing I said was "I know that face!". Peter is one of the UK's leading Railsim experts and has taken British Railsim to new heights. He mans the Railsim stand at most exhibitions. You know the one. It has 3 big cinema sized screens and you sit down and crash a Flying Scotsman or a Deltic!)

There was a rumour circulating that 60 were snapped up by one individual who quickly turned a £20000 profit on the day!

Currently they are selling on Ebay for just £200 after initially appearing and selling for £650. If you are interested you are advised to make sure the seller has an example and is a genuine seller as this is the latest "hot thing" and we all know what that means!

The question is have Bachmann models now become more collectable than Hornby?

Expect similar things to happen when the Irish Class 141's and 181's are released so you are advised to get your orders in now for these models if you want one or twelve!

Does anybody who went to the Glasgow Show have any further tales to tell on this bunfight at the Bachmann coral?

Are there any YouTube videos of yet more grown men "forming an orderly queue" over a Bachmann sale?

And do Bachmann have yet another hangover! Probably as Scottish hospitality is the best in the world!

Happy modelling
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In the spirit of fairness shouldn't these big exhibition organisers make it 1 model per ticket holder? Having said that perhaps a group of us could club together and get our own ltd ed's made up, like a co operative model railway group?
The £100 quoted for one of the 800 of each livery for a Heljan Falcon seems a bargain? If they don't make any more they will be in great demand surely ? I suppose collectors buy these models for the rarity value ?
There are a lot more Scotrail 158s in service than there were Class 53s... Very much a "must have item" for anyone modelling the contemporary Scottish scene.

And if 500 have been made , that's a guarantee that you won't get another run in that livery for several years at least. "Buy now or don't model ScotRail" ...

What we are seeing is the equivalent of the silly money prices for things like the Lima GW railcar before Hornby reissued it
I think it's all a bit of a shame really.....

I was exhibiting at the show, but being tied to a layout meant I didn't see much else, let alone any potential scrums around the stand selling these limited editions. I was told that the organisers were worried on thursday evening because less than 100 had been pre-ordered by Scottish clubs, yet by the end of friday all but three had gone....!!

I've heard rumours that traders were buying then and selling them on their own stands on the friday at a profit (again I didn't see this), but if the scottiish clubs are allowed to pre-order models, why not other exhibitiors or members of the public, and limit quantities to one per person. I don't know if these inflated prices are true, apart from what i've seen on eBay, but it isn't doing the hobby any favours and the market won't stand these inflated prices for much longer.

Whoever organised this may be worried, they could have sold twice as many or charged a few pounds more, and there are certain ethics in advertising a model for sale at a show making people attend, and creating the feeling there may be some available afterwards via mail order, then selling unlimited quantities on the first day. I don't know how much profit the ARMSS made but on reflection they've put very little work into it, just one person behind a counter for one day, unlike other limited editions where someone has to take 500 boxes to the post office, bank 500 cheques, print 500 certificates..., etc....

I'm not bitter at all that I "missed out" because i'd only be buying for profit, a Scotrail 158 wouldn't really be appropriate for our Scottish club layout, and I hoped someone else who managed to scrimp and save their £85 got their 158.

If you didn't get one, Bachmann will be releasing this livery as a catalogue edition, but if the ARMSS are doing hte same next year I hope they can make the system fairer to everyone, had I known this would happen i'd have brought several, not charged expenses, and stayed in a 5* hotel for the weekend...!!
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QUOTE The Bachmann Class 158 First Scotrail Ltd Edition DMU only available at the show with 500 examples produced were all snapped up within 20 minutes of the show opening for the list price of £85. Within 1 hour they were appearing on eBay for £650!

I was on the mailing list to buy one of these and then got the following message yesterday morning

Limited Edition 158


Due to massive demand the First Scotrail 158 sold out on the Friday of the show, I thank you for your interest in the 158 project and I am sorry to disappoint you.

Regards Arran

I wasn't told they were going to be flogged off at the show first. Not happy.
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One trader brought 12 first thing Friday and sold them off for a profit during the day.

About time they either scrapped doing them or only 1 per person.

There are far to many ltd editions now that it is becoming a bit of a farce.

I was going to get one of these on saturday but they were sold out by the time i arrived - Not suprised if traders were buying them and re-selling them on the Friday!

I think its even worse that those who pre-ordered one didn't get one. Surly they must have known how many wanted them through Mail order (Well Glasgow isn't really that easy to get to for everyone!) and could have kept back some to honour those orders.
Time to name and shame. The trader who you refer to is Vic Whitlock of Morays Models. While there is nothing technically wrong in what he has done, there is a moral obligation on the AMRSS to honour those of us who had sent an enquiry form. I too got the sold out email and was not best pleased. This whole fiasco has really annoyed me and just goes to show the lengths some people will go to.

On a more positive note, the actual show was excellent and I hope that 2008 will be to a similar standard.

It was clear from the information on the AMRSS website that the 158 would be available at the show and only if any were left would they be sold by mail order. I contacted the AMRSS before the show to ask if I could reserve one to be picked up on the Saturday. I was told that this would not be possible but in any case they did not expect to sell out over the weekend. It is obvious that the AMRSS was caught out by the demand which far exceeded supply and I understand that as soon as they realised the problem, they restricted purchases to 2 per person and were not allowing people to rejoin the queue to buy more.

I didn't get the 158 that I was after on the Saturday but that is the luck of the draw. If the AMRSS had been aware of the likely interest then I suspect they would have ordered more models in order to increase their profit margin, but then again if there were more, they might not have sold, catch 22.

Lets not pillory the AMRSS they probably had to order months ago and were only guilty of underestimating demand.

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Not that I am overly concerned about the sell-out - my concern is that it appears that the website indicated that they would be sold at the excibition first & any left over, would then be available via mail order.
What about modelers who wrote in & requested one be supplied when available & prepaid for it or those who do not have Internet access?

Not all are on-line.
It does appear that a lot of sales is based on you having Internet or a Mobile - if not, stiff luck for not being up with it!

I guess that what this shows is how much of a demand for modern Scottish outline there is. It must be the attractive livery that does it.

Maybe Bachmann and Hornby can take note and produce more of these in Scotrail and SPT liveries. It looks like they could be well assured of selling them.
Well this should be a wake up call for Bachmann. There is clearly still a demand for a First scotrail 158. Here's hoping they release it next year.

Also a lesson for Hornby in that a First Scotrail 156 would be very welcome. However please make sure you get the livery correct- the SPT one is let down by the grey roof (should be black). A decent engine /underframe moulding would also be good.

I don't blame Moray Models (if it was them) or indeed ebayers for snapping up models . They obviously saw potential and bought up the models. Where I have an issue is the amateurish behaviour of AMRSS who allowed this to happen . Come on we could all have predicted that the model would sell more than 500! They should have rationed it one per person (OK you could go back for more but you would have had to queue again!)

Very good show though . Thoroughly enjoyed it. Were there actually any trains on Law Junction? Any time I saw it over the three days there were a few gentlemen in discussion behind the scenes and nothing happening out front. Curiously it won a cup for something. Can only assume it was the scenery.

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Just looked on eBay (On one of my random visits) and there are 15 of these units on there at the moment!!! 2 people selling 5 units each (All in seperate auctions) and 5 others which are from different sellers.

Perhaps thats a benefit of the Hornby Collectors Club ltds - You get a personalised certificte which must lower its re-sell potential (Unless your selling it to someone with the same name as you, but the odds of that are VERY slim).
I read the taxman is getting interested in people making profits from eBay. If someone is selling at a higher price something they have just bought then the difference is almost certainly taxable...
I would say the difference is absolutely taxable! Somebody has to contribute to my state pension so the more of these limited editions Bachmann make the better it is for all of us!

Go for it Bachmann!

Happy modelling
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QUOTE (Edwin @ 8 Mar 2007, 12:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I read the taxman is getting interested in people making profits from eBay. If someone is selling at a higher price something they have just bought then the difference is almost certainly taxable...

Not just the taxman......DWP are also taking an interest.

From the point of VAT it would be applicable to the difference between the buying price and the selling price if VAT registered. Income tax is payable on ALL earned ncome however it is earned.

You have been warned!!


Sounds a bit like sour grapes to me!

QUOTE (rb277170 @ 8 Mar 2007, 13:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sounds a bit like sour grapes to me!


Not sour grapes from HMG's point of view - more like actively commiting fraud!!


QUOTE (rb277170 @ 8 Mar 2007, 13:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sounds a bit like sour grapes to me!


Not really - just "levelling up" the playing field. They are probably after the ones that are making a fair amount of money (i.e. the "professional" eBayer's or even those on benefits) rather than the part-timers.

Makes it fair on the legit traders who are paying tax on their earnings.

How would you feel if say your profession was being undercut by people who did not declare their earnings.
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