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I have had mine for nearly a fortnight, got it from MGSharps, Attercliffe,Sheffield. However, looking at the Hattons Website, they appear to have new stock, if that is possible. I know a Bachmann dealer who was seriously let down by Bachmann in the supply of these models, but that is another story!

I use a ZTC 511 as the controller,and, apart from changing CV3, I have made no other changes. So apart from being quite loud (which I don't mind) the fact that it does as it says straight from the box is P.D.G according to today's goings on .

As the decoder is ESU design, it is making me head towards either the Dynamis (ESU) or the ESU Ecos controller, as an addition to the ZTC511.

Have fun with this great addition to the model world.

I am looking forward to the Deltic Pinza
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