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bachmann spares

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Are there any shops that stock bachman spares?

I can get hold of hornby spares no probs.

However, i cant find anywhere that offers a replaement parts service, other than bachmann.

Thing is, I need a 37/4 (old style) black plastick chassis part, the bit with the tanks moulded into it and the buffer beams, as 37415 just rolled off the workbench and now does not have buffers or pipes at one end!!
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Worth asking Bachmann too, the worst they can say is 'sorry, not available', and of what is available the price is typically very reasonable. Timing may be all, best to ask when a batch of the model concerned has fairly recently landed and is still widely available at retail.

This company hasn't forgotten that their core customers for RTR OO are modellers, who 'do things' with the model railway product they purchase; and actively encourage thoughts of the 'what can I make on the basis of a blend of RTR and kitbashing, kit and scratchbuilding' persuasion. My most recent conversation with one of the staff on the Bachmann stand netted me a couple of mechanisms, but 'sorry, we cannot sell you a GNR tender from the C1'. Two out of three requests met was good enough to send me away grateful. (Try the same with Hornby, you may detect a difference.)

Of the more routine 'useful parts', I have observed over the past decade rather a lot of grousing about the non or patchy availability of Bachmann's miniature tension lock couplers (which they list in some variety of fittings). And which other of the longer established outfits lists their couplers and ships in batches with some regularity?

I will be interested to see how some of the much vaunted newcomers to RTR OO perform in these departments.
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And now an update from Bachmann, revised spares access.

Not had need to try it yet, but it's only a matter of time...
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