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Hi All!
I've just purchased 32-952 - No. 76079 in BR black with BR2 tender / late crest , and a lovely model it is too.
For those who have read the December Model Rail review on 32-950 - No. 76053 in BR black with BR1B tender with early crest, there are no problems with the tender drawbar in the close-coupled positon as there apparently is with the BR1B tender.

However, contrary to the catalogue picture (and despite what it says on the end of the box-BR2), Bachmann have provided a (correct) BR2A tender for 76079. This differs from the BR2 in that the rear cab handrails are omitted from the loco and short handrails substituted on the tender.

Bachmann are to be congratulated on getting this right, even though in my case it has caused a rethink on renumbering!
In the catalogue they have illustrated 76020 (32-953DC) with an original BR2 tender, which is correct for this running number. It will be interesting to see if they get this right as well. If so, all the permutations will be available for the future 4MT 4-6-0!

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