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QUOTE (alastairq @ 8 Dec 2007, 18:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>so..if the 'closeness' of the tender to the engine is a 'contentious' issue....why is there no move towards the likes of Roco's close coach couplers that, in the straight, are close, but open up on curves?

That's a good point, Bachmann did dip a tentative toe in this pool a while back with the Southern N class, I have one and it's lovely and close on the staight and opens up on the corners.
However there are a couple of down sides,

1. The loco and tender are permanently coupled which makes them more suseptable to damage when removing from the tight fitting packaging.

2. The tender on my N class is very light and prone to coming off at the least imperfection in the track this includes slight wear in the plastic in my insufrog points, I suspect this could be fixed by adding some extra weight which I'll have a go at in the new year when I get some nice Hornby Maunsell couches to go behind her.
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