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QUOTE (34C @ 6 Dec 2007, 03:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The close coupling position being impractical for anything but display is common to several Bachmann models as supplied. Usually it is because the intermediate buffers on the tender front are moulded on, and this effectively locks the tender in line with the loco so that it cannot take a curve. These can easily be filed down to allow as much swing as your layout curves require. This modifcation is invisble in operation, and practically so on close inspection, particularly if there is a fall plate.

The coupler bar coming unhitched is unusual. On many of my Bach locos it's the very devil to get it to disengage! Does it droop below the horizontal when seen from the side? If so I would remove it from the chassis, and bend it slightly so that it stands out horizontally

I can report that it is not necessary to totally remove the intermediate buffers. Just file them down to about half the current length and the model can then be close coupled and still take reasonable curves. It also helps to glue the cab doors (if you fit them) pointing inwards a couple of degrees so they don't lock up on the front of the tender

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