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I'm in the process of changing 76020, to one of the five allocated to Stratford, 76030 with 30A shed code.

I've decided not to attempt the cutouts in both cab sides for the tablet catcher (1) in my view it spoils the look of the loco, especially with the number set just below the window etc and (2) (more to the point) I'm sure to mess the side up trying to carve out a 0.5mm deep recess 5mm+ square in the cab side! But I've closed the gap between tender and loco (made a new coupling) so the steps on the tender line up with the hand rails etc and as stated by others, slightly reduce the buffer heads between loco and tender.

Question, on a photo I have of sister loco 76034 taken in 1954 at Stratford, there does not appear to be any lining to the cylinder covers, is this correct for the Doncaster built locos? The loco is in a reasonable clean condition and the lining to running plate and boiler stands out OK.

Any comments much appriciated

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