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Bachmann Standard 4MT Tank and Kadee

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Has anyone successfully fitted Kadee couplings to one of these? I've just bought one as I knew it had NEM pockets. But the rear pocket is so high off the ground that even Bachmann have had to supply a special stepped version of the tension lock coupling to compensate. Hence fitting any sort of Kadee won't work.
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This seems to be a problem with one manufacture - to be honest it's not really a NEM pocket if it does not conform to NEM standards i.e the mounting height.

Personally, I would send it back.

Not something the "continental" manufactures seem to have a problem with.
There's going to be a way round this. In a similar 'pocket mounted too high' situation, attaching a standard no5 to the underside of the pocket with a self tapper proved spot on for example.

If you take up Brian's suggestion but still want a BR 2-6-4T 4MT, Bachmann have the very similar Fairburn with genuine NEM pockets, correct for both height and front face relative to buffers positions.

Brian's right in my opinion. It will be a good day when print reviewers actually disallow the use of NEM in a review when the pocket is in an incorrect positon. There will be no need for them to fear offending any one manufacturer: non-compliances are present in all three major OO manufacturers products.
Take a pair of discarded tension lock couplings - cut the loop off them and discard the hook. Cut the NEM prongs off one of them and also cut the NEM prongs off the NEM Kadee. Now drill through the common original middle bits and bolt them together to make a deep stepped NEM Kadee to suit the very high mount.
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