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Bachmann "Super D"

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I understand that Bachmann are soon to release a "Super D" in 00.
Does anyone know what month please ?
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Hello there

I dont know what month but the test shots were at the london toyfair and the model looked well advanced. i would say very soon. probably some time in the next 6 weeks. mabye 2 months.

Bachmann dont normally give release dates. we just have to wait and see.

Im also waiting for the apperance of this model, it looks great, also still waiting for the EMU from Bachman, there my next planned purchases
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QUOTE Does anyone know what month please ?
The Bachmann website is showing a Sept / October "anticipated" delivery date.

Thanks everyone we wait with interest then.
I was informed at the NRM yesterday by a Bachmann employee, on their stand at the 1968 event, that the locomotive should be in the shops in about four weeks.
spoke to a bachmann rep at york he reckons its about 2 months away
i also noticed it had a opening smoke box door !!!
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