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Bachmann #: 00402

Featuring electronic auto-reversing E-Z Track®, the Reversing Trolley Car Set is the perfect solution for point-to-point passenger transit on your layout. A stop time of five to seven seconds allows plenty of time for HO scale shoppers and travelers to board, and a variable speed controller lets you determine the rate of travel. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride while your town or city comes to life!

Features include:

• trolley car with operating headight (both ends)
• 4 pieces of 18" radius curved auto-reversing E-Z Track®
• 3 pieces of 9" straight auto-reversing E-Z Track®
• 1 piece of straight E-Z Track® with attached trolley depot
• 1 Hayes bumper
• power pack with variable speed controller
• illustrated instruction manual

List Price: $145.00 (available for around $110)

MRF: I could use one of these on my layout. Looks great. Are they available in Europe or does onehave to get it ordered in the US?

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its bachmann E-Z track. its readily available.
The trolly car is part of the old bachmann USA range. you can easily get it seperatly for about £30 or less. the chassis is ok and can often be found beneath tram kits that available (i believe it was the old BEK kits model).
i cant honestly say i am bubelling with excitement over this item but i guess it might get a few people into the hobby.


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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 29 Oct 2006, 01:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You can do this with any train you like using the Ecos's shuttle feature.

Or the Fleischmann Twin-Centre/Uhlenbrook Intellebox (any others ?) for DCC users.

Or the Gaugemaster Shuttle (KPC & others also produce them) for DC users. Or easily make your own up if you can apply simple electronics.

best regards
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