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Bachmann V2 Rear pony truck wheel diameters

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I have just purchased Bachmanns V2 LNER 'Colstreamer'. I noticed that the rear pony truck was not horizontal with the track. I compared it with the more recent BR 'Green Arrow' version of the model and this looked O.K
Further examination revealed that the wheel diameter on the Coldstreamer was larger causing the pony truck to adopt a slight up angle.
Which is correct here. Have the wheel diameters changed on the model or did the prototype have different wheel diameters? I can find no info on this
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Apart from the V4s most Gresley tender locos had 3'2" leading bogie/pony truck wheels and 3'8" trailing or Cartazzi truck wheels, V2s included. Hope this helps.

Thanks, looks like the Coldstreamer wheel diameter is probably wrong then. This may simply be a manufacturing fault

Is the Cartazzi is fitted properly ? I must have converted 1/2 a dozen of these to DCC operation. If it is then
it's probably worth while gives Bachmanns spares department a ring, apparently they have a good reputation for sorting this type of thing out.
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