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Bachmann V2

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I just picked up a Bachmann V2 in BR green along with a couple of Warships, a 37, 40 and 25 classes all Bachmann. The draw bar is a hideous thing
that should be scrapped. Has anyone replaced the drawbar on any of the Bachmann locos fitted with this ....

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The method of closing the gap between the loco and tender is quite easy.

There is a draw bar which is screwed to the front of the tender. This has a plastic peg at the end which sticks up and hooks under the drag box under where the fall plate should be. Decide how close you want the tender to couple to the loco. Do this by placing the loco and tender on your sharpest curve and measure the gap between the tender and loco. This is the maximum amount that you can close up the gap.

First of all find a suitable 8 or 10 BA bolt or similar metric, about 10 mm long that can be screwed into a new hole that you are going to drill in the draw bar. Drill the new hole in the draw bar the reqisite distance behind the old peg and insert the screw. Cut off the extreme end of the draw bar and the old upright peg. I try to drill my holes just too small so that the new screw can cut a thread in the plastic, otherwise fit a suitable nut or superglue the screw in place.

This works for me.

By the way, why did you post this in DCC?

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