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Are we talking about the N gauge or OO gauge version? Are you saying that it is powered from one of the mid train coaches? If so, and you have installed three decoder chips (the right way up) then this is what you need to do:

Put all three cars on the programming track.

Run a cv8=8 routine to clear any rogue programming that may have occurred.

Program all three at the same time with the same loco address (cv1)

Then check to see that F0 turns the front and rear lights on - you will probably get both ends the same but don't worry we'll fix that in a minute. If F0 for that address doesn't turn on the front and rear lights (changing red to white when you change direction) then that is going to mean looking at the function mapping cv values but hopefully that won't be an issue.

Once you have done that and proved it works, take the leading car (the one you want driving forward when you select forward on your controller) off the track. Now, with the other two cars still on track read the value of cv29. Whatever that is, add 1 to the number and reprogram. You will now see that the red and white lights come on in the opposite direction order.

Take the rear car off the track so that you are just left with the powered car on the programming track. Re-program cv29 back to its original value (subtract 1).

Put all three cars on track and everything should now work as it should.
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