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Bachmann Warship axle set needed.

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I've got a new Bachmann Warship here that needs a full set wheels axles and the axle gears. The loco at presant has fine scale wheels and wider axles.

Can anybody help me find a set of axles?

Many thanks.

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Is it brand new, or new to you. The reason I ask is, that it sounds as though it has EM gauge wheels on it if the axles are longer. You should be able to get new wheels from either Bachmann themselves, or some really nice ones from Ultrascale at Letchworth. If you decide on Ultrascale, be prepared for a wait.
On the other hand, it may just be that it's been re-wheeled and the wheels have been fitted further out on the axles: if this is the case, then you'll be able to re-gauge it to 14.5 mm by simply pushing the wheels back in.
Are you sure it's been fitted with fine scale wheels, as modern stock does have much better wheels than the old stuff.
Edited to say,sorry, welcome to the forum.
It is new to me but also unrun. It has an EM gauge wheel set. I have asked Bachmann and they are all out of stock until the new batch of Warships are in stock with them (could be months).

I was hoping there was a traider selling bits that may have a set in stock?
Could you not shorten the axels, even as a temporary measure ?
I am told that EM wheels will not work on 'normal' 00 points (peco). I have no track/points to try this out on as of right now, so don't know if what I am told is right or wrong. I can grind the axles down to fit 00 back to back's, this would not be a problem. But will EM wheels fit 00?
The EM wheels profiles may be too fine (maybe another member can clarify) but it could be worth a try.
I would still like to know about EM wheels, but I have also ordered a set of Ultrascale axles because I have no idea when Bachmann will get theres in??

I have plenty of Bachmann warship wheels but I use the gears. If you want to send me yours as they are so that I can get the gears off I will send you a set of 00 ones with the gears still on

Let me know

Sorry Jim, I don't quite understand?

What would you like me to send you and what will you return to me?

I have x4 axles, x4 gears, x8 EM Warship wheels all assembled and removed straight form the loco.

I need a replacment set of the above to put the loco back to 00.

Sorry for being thick.


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I would be happy to swap your EM wheelset for an unused 00 set off a Warship that I have waiting for conversion.

Let me know if that suits you.


simonh, it's a deal

Can you ring me on 01633 485305 for the details.

Many thanks.

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That's one of the great things about MRF - the way members help each other out in many ways.
I got your wheel set today simonh

A nice easy swap, many thanks to you

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