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Bachmann Warship Bogie Removal Help

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Hi I'm trying to convert my Bachmann Warship to Kadees and seem to have become stuck at the first hurdle - help gratefully received - before I break the model.

The existing tension lock couplers are screwed on but no access to the screws is available unless either the drive unit or bogie frames are removed - I can't seem to do either - removing the screws holding the drive unit doesn't release it and the bogie frames seem very solidly attached to the drive unit....the instruction sheet indicates that you should remove the bogie frames but I am using sufficient force that I must be doing it wrong and getting nowhere.

Anyone with experience? If so I'd appreciate a hint...




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Thanks poliss, yes I have the service sheet, but it hasn't helped particularly as it gives no clue how to unclip them. Just wondered if anyone else had done it.

Tim, I have never owned a Warship, but have taken the bogie frames off many similar design Bachmann diesel chassis. There are rectangular holes front and rear in the plastic frames moulding, which clip over projecting lugs on the ends of the gear towers. With the model inverted, (can often be held fairly securely be using the expanded polystyrene packaging tray) work in a small flat lever at whichever end of the bogie is most accessible, and simply pry the frame off the gear tower lug. Be warned that the wheelsets will be free to fall out, as the bogie frame also acts as a keeper plate.
Thanks 34C great advice - just what i needed.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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