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Bachmann WD 2-8-0

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Did my monthly shopping expedition at the week end. I managed to get 3 Bachmann locos and eight Hornby coaches, 5 Pullmans and 3 new BR/LMS Staniers. The locos I bought were a BR/LMS Royal Scot ;The Royal Horse Guardsman, BR/LNER A1 Great Central and a BR/WD 2-8-0. The first two locos ran quiet as the grave, the Royal Scot especially. The WD was horrible, grinding it's way round and taking twice the throttle to move compared to the other two. the motor ran hot as well and could be felt easily through the boiler shell. Upon investigation, pulling it to bits, I found that it hadn't been lubed. Not a trace of oil or grease anywhere. I would guess it was either built on monday or a friday and somebody just forgot about lubrication. She's okay now but it's not something I would have expected in a new RTR model. So just watch Because I reckon that if I had ran it for another hour it would have seized good and proper.

Ozzie 21
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I suppose if you had run it to death it would've been your fault for not lubricating the loco enough!! I would hope that is the exception rather than the rule but it serves as a reminder that these things can occasionally happen. You have good taste though i wouldn't mind a WD myself.
Just out of interest how does the Bachmann A1 stand up to the latest hornby A1 and 3? as i would like one of those too at some point.
Be thankful it wasn't one of the early A1's with the puny motor in it which also used to go into meltdown and forced possibly the only product recall ever.
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