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bachmann website overhaul

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I was looking at the newly overhauled bachmann/farish website earlier and I wondered what you all thought.

I was impressed with it until I noticed that they have taken the transrail class 60 off the "to arrive in the next 60 days" and set it back until DEC/JAN date.

The rest of the website looks pretty good though.
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That's nice, they've gone dynamic in some places - with a little online ordering just to test the water.

They still don't have any RSS feed
I like RSS.
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And they finally give a Feb/Mar delivery date for the 4-CEP (cue Homer-style Whoo-hoo!).
QUOTE (Purley Oaks @ 11 Sep 2008, 09:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>(cue Homer-style Whoo-hoo!).

Steady - let's not get tooo excited - good news though.

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