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QUOTE (alibuchan @ 14 Dec 2007, 22:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Why are Bachmann deciding to cause problems with their new release 37's.

Their new 37/4 have got the old style 8 pin plug in them. Why would they then put a blooming 21 pin Chip in to the 37/0. I was not impressed when i got my DRS 37038 from Cheltenham Model Centre and opened it and my Big T 37672 (to steal the sound decoder from) only to find they are not compatable. does this mean that they are never going to go a 37/4 with sound in.

Come on Bachmann sort yourselves out. Either take the 21 pins and fit them to all models or stick with the 8 pins as this is rather annoying or at least use the 8 and 21 pin logos you produced at the start of the year to warn us modellers who do fit decoders to their models to enable us to get the correct decoders before we start dismantling these fine models.

You need the bachmann 8-21 mpin harness (about £3.50) or hard wire the sound chip in.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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