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Gary. I'm a memebr of RMWEB and there are one or two items which need clarifying. I certainly don't want to start a us and them punch up

'And to be blunt rmweb has little value in its current form'
I respect your opinion here but the two forums are very different in their content. I''ve 'lurked' here for quite a time on and off so feel I can comment reasonably on this point. RMWEB has specific section which deal with members layouts and what they have, and are building on their workbenches. There are no similar areas, and rarely are there threads here which go into depth on the more hands on modelling side, like there is on RMWEB. Thats not a criticism, just a reflection of the different nature of our two forums. If you wanted to find out a good technique to weather (for example), something, then there are threads and contributors on RMWEB hwo are willing to help and advise. I'm not saying thats not the case here, but they are certainly not as apparent. That to me is one of the strengths of RMWEB. Recently there has been a review forum started where members review something they have bought or already own to the benefit of other readers. Again there is no specific forum here for that. Not a criticism, just underlines the fact the two forums are very very different. So your comment of 'little value' is I feel at best, misguided and unfair.

'ill considered remarks of others on a site where the moderators seem to have lost control of the loose cannons.'
Andy was away on holiday when one or two members made comments that were potentially libelous. AY had no reason to suspect that the issues would be discussed the way they were, it had never happened in the past as far as I'm aware. Yes perhaps more moderation would have helped, but hindsights always the the most exact science isn't it?

Would we have had an email from Bachmann if it had been a MRF or mremag discussion?
Not from MREmag, no, because Pat vets everything before publication.
MRF yes possibly. If the statement was made while mods were on holiday, or ill, then yes you can have the same problem, don't kid yourself otherwise. Once the item is there and someone see's it and 'records' it the potential damage is done. Until you moderate every posting you are still at risk.

'Look folks, you simply cannot say what you like in a public place!

And to be fair Model Rail Forum members do realise this so well done! '

One could get the impression from this that you are implying that RMWEB members are not aware of this. However I've cut and pasted a post I made as soon as I realised what had been written and its potential implications. Its fair to say the majority of RMWebbers are probably in agreement with what I said, unfortunately it took a while for the message to sink in. With one person I think the message may not be entirely understood yet!
The discussion did go on perhaps than may have been appropriate, but only caused by a couple who couldnt' understand the following issue. Note the following posting was made very early on in the debate on RMWEB, and was supported and endorsed by a good number of members, so by far the majority of RMwebbers realise this too, and not as I fear you may be implying, only by memebers of your forum. Of which I now am one.

More importantly to state that someone/company is lieing is a potentially libelous statement. Therefore that individual/company if so minded could quite easily force Andy to remove threads and in extremeis force the site to close with legal action. There are precendents for this. Another 'Professional' forum I am a member of has had in the past to respond to legal enforcement, due to people not thinking how they say something. They are fortunate that they have revenue which has assisted them when they have had to respond to legal threats and enforcement. My concern is that recently we have seen allegations of companies and therefore those individuals concerned lieing. Needless to say I don't imagine Andy has budgeted for a legal fighting fund in the costs of this site. Please before you press the send button think about what you are 'saying'. I would not like to see this site closed or restricted because someone gobbed off like the pub moron. I've seen it happen on other forums, and it could happen here if the current allegations of lieing etc continue. Needless to say there are frequently requests and wishes for manufacturers to get closer involved. These recent outbursts do nothing to promote the site, and the mutual benefit that could be developed between manufacturers of all sizes, and the modelling community as a whole. Remember the internet does not give you carte blanche to say what you want, and how you want. It also puts Andy in an unenviable position as 'publisher' of these statements and being responsible legally for the content of this site.

BTW you do have better smilies

If any of your members want to see some of my stuff, and indeed quite a lot of it has been used when discussing techniques, and showing 'on my workbench' and 'on my layout' forums in RMWEB, my fotopic site is

The last thing we need is a hesaidyousaidtheysaidiheardisaw internet punchup between forums. That will not help the prevailing situation and only provide the internet objectors with 'I told you so' ammo. The two forums are very different, there's no reason why we shouldnt exist side by side. I'm not sure theres much crssover between the forums form what I've seen of the format and content of each. I note we appear to have similar numbers of members too. I wonder how many 'dual nationalities' there are amongst us?
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