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Perhaps we should remember that this is Model Rail Forum and the Topic is News regarding a specific model train and how it has been presented here.

As said already, railway modellers are not 'in' to sensationalism and the disapproval for this particualr set and its presentation here is more than obvious.

This isn't about toy cars, nor toys in general, nor about films nor other media.
As far as I know, Corgi doesn't even make model trains.
imho, staying on topic is among the better ways to reduce the likelihood of argument and misunderstanding. Continuing to 'fan the flames' suggests a desire for the opposite and I for one am stepping right back from this fire.

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Doug's opened this up because I just wanted to say a few words.

The responsibility for publishing the news story in the form as presented is with me and I apologise to those who have been offended by it. Ok, I made a mistake. I spotted what I thought was an interesting item listed at the Rails of Sheffield website and created a news story around it designed to entertain/amuse and it clearly did not do that. Using "Not the 9 O'clock News" BBC TV type humour within this news story was inappropriate in the circumstances. Sorry.

Bachmann and Rails of Sheffield had nothing at all to do with the story. Thats how it is.

As this is a lesson for whole hobby industry (and myself) we are going to leave the story and this entire thread in the form as it stands as a reminder of how not to do things.

And there are plenty of references here to Jack Mills, the unfortunate driver of the train, so on a positive note this topic has permitted visitors to reflect on the events of that day, and on the effort of Jack Mills to foil the gang. Maybe visitors will see things in a different light. Who knows?

Hopefully with the lessons learnt here, Rails of Sheffield and Bachmann will do the right thing. Let the model be a tribute to Jack Mills. And if any of you spot anything again in the news stories here that you feel is insensitive then please advise and we'll sort it out going forward. I still would like to inject humour where possible and hopefully you do support this approach where its appropriate.

Rails of Sheffield and Bachmann are aware of the concerns expressed here and really there is not much more to be said by myself. I am not a great believer in locking threads as its suggests that people are unable move forward in the right spirit so if Doug would like to keep this open for the moment then we can move on.

Happy modelling
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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