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The current Bachmann catalogue only has two versions of the 2nd class compartment coach and two versions of the 2nd Brake coach, all in ER blue. They are reasonably accurate models as I understand it, but the level of detailing and the window glass is now below the general standard of ready-to-run items, and this may account for their gradual withdrawal. I do not recall any reviews in the last 5 years since my return to modelling I can refer you to, I suspect again because they are older models.

There is definately a need for more surburban stock in r-t-r form.

Bachmann did have a wider range of the 57ft surburban coaches a few years ago. I too wanted to make up a rake in lined maroon and was only able to do so because I came across a couple of shops that still had old stock available. Another source is to try swap-meets and toy fairs where you might come across second-hand items or old stock.

Anyway, have fun looking for them!
Best wishes for what ever you end up building.
John Webb

PS: Which shed was 14C?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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