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Hi everyone,

I've watched the traffic go by on the mainline from the bay platform for a couple of weeks now, and am very impressed with this forum, so thought I'd join in! I've always been interested in the Midland mainline, and anything of a Midland/London Midland nature, and after forty years am about to take the plunge into railway modelling.

I'm hoping someone out there maybe able to help. I want to assemble a rake of maroon suburbans as I remember them - plying their trade on the St. Pancras and Moorgate suburban services and believe only two model types exist - the Bachmann open and a brake 2nd. Are the models very accurate? Has any magazine ever reviewed them?
There seems to be quite a number of running numbers issued from Mainline/Bachmann since their introduction and enquire as to whether anyone has ever kept track of the running numbers and models issued.

Thank you

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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