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back ground sound

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I woke up this morning and a thought came to me, does any one know if, there are CDs available with railway back ground noise? I'm aware that you can get sound modules, but what i would like, is to hear the continual hustle and bustle thats associated railways in the 50/60s. I think it would be great to have this noise while running trains in the loft, and if it where in stereo, that would be even better? any ideas any one?
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I have a British Transport film from about 1954 on video. It is called "This is York". There is a quite a bit of soundtrack recorded around York station at the time. I really like the lady announcer with beautiful diction and the plum in her mouth, sadly distorted by the intercom system. Then there are sounds of trains arriving and departing, guards whistling and trolleys being trundled about.

I propose to record a looped cassette tape at some time and install a speaker inside my model of York station. This is just another aspect of modelling.

I'm sure I've seen CDs for sound effects for drama, amateur films and videos in local libraries which include railway and station noises. So try libraries or the larger CD shops under 'sound effects'. Hope you find what you're after.
John Webb
I posted this a while back, shame most didn't read it ...

Dream Player

Check out the links as well.
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