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Back to Basics

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I've added a DCC article on getting Back to the Basics of DCC Installation.

Inspired by some people that were telling me that there was not enough info on installing decoders into locomotives that were not 'DCC Ready'.

This answers some of their questions and perhaps opens up a little debate.

Click here for the article.
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Doug, While your choice of decoder is ok I have fitted a Gold or Silver series decoders in all my locos, 28 RTR Hornby or Bachmann Branchline and 20 DJH/Footplate Models ( Australian ) loco kits including an AD60 Garrett 4-8-4+4-8-4. These have replaced mainly older Le130G5's and Le 1035's. I find the finer control of the Gold decoders most pleasing and the slow speed capability, shunting speed, really excellent. Also the Constant braking feature is a good feature if a trifle tricky to use at first. What is confusing is the motor selection in CV 50. You have a choice of 5 types but which one to use. The literature that comes with the decoder doesn't help much so yo have to experiment a bit which takes time. I think Lenz could provide a better explanation for this feature.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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