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Back to the hobby.

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Hi All, Retirement is now giving me the time to take up the hobby again after about 40 years. Things have sure changed, I'm coming to terms with new control methods and some new terms. ('insulfrog' sounds like something to do with mothers in law) The learning is thoroughly enjoyable.
Some things don't change though, derailments still occur at points, and some locos won't go round tight curves without derailing.
A purchase from Vintage Model Trains Brought me to this forum. As time goes on I hope to pick up some tips, and maybe learn from other people's mistakes (after all, I haven't time to make them all myself.)----- Geoff -----
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Hi Geoff

Welcome aboard. We get the impression that a lot of folk are in your shoes and one or two things have certainly changed in the last 40 years!

Good luck with your plans and remember to share your progress with us.

Happy modelling
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