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Backdrop in OO

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I am currently constructing my baseboards (90 or 120cms by 90cms) which are 30cm apart supports overlaid with Sundeala which will be attached to a batten against the wall and supporting legs on the inside.

My query is do I need to attach a vertical piece of ply to each baseboard to form a backdrop, and if so any suggestions on size and thickness of the ply or is it better to make the backdrop seperately?

Thanks R
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Hello, I've been away for the weekend so have only just seen this question.

I use hardboard for my backscenes. It's cheap and fairly easy to bend if you want it to go round corners. Very thin plywood could be used instead. If you are working in OO then a backscene must be 12" high at the very least, and 18" or even 24" is much better. (I even read about one modeller who says that backscenes should go up to the ceiling!) If you are working in N gauge then obviously scale down those figures.

I suggest that backscene fastened to the baseboard would be better especially if it is for a permanent layout.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Robert.
It may depend on what form your back scene will be displayed. By that I mean are you planning to paint it on directly or stick some image on to it as plywood's grain will show through a painted surface and not look as good as say hardboard. If you are sticking an image on there then it is not so vital and I know folk who have had great success with thinner grades of mdf too.
Thanks for your replies, I don't think I will reach the ceiling but hardboard is the way I shall go.

hi randolph,

Just dropped by to add a thought - some backdrops are made from thinner materials (hardboard, ply, mdf) than the baseboards, and do tend to warp and twist a bit when any liquids are absorbed eg pasted backscenes, liberal use of paint.

It might be helpful to experiment on a smaller cut-offs first to see whether warping occurs. This way, your best handiwork won't be ruined.

Apologies if you already know this, just thought I'd flag it up.
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