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I’m looking for a container ship depot for background 1/76. Any ideas?
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There's probably something of the sort available - Peco for a start offer backscenes - but I'd be inclined to browse the net for a view you like, or go to Felixstowe (other container ports may be available) and take a picture; then have a copy shop print it to the dimensions you require, that way you probably get something unique, rather than a stock shot in whatever size is available..

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I don't think any of the backscene makers I know - Gaugemaster, ID, Faller, Vollmer, Auhagen - have a container port based scene but maybe this 'industrial' one from Gaugemaster might do? - Industrial Large Photo Backscene (2744x304mm)-Gaugemaster-GM706
It reminds me a bit of Stanlow as you drive across to north Wales.

Or Brighton docks from ID? - Scenic Backgrounds - Brighton Docks (218)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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