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Backmann Graham Farish

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As someone returning to the N gauge scene after 6-7 years out, I was keen to see what engines were out there and the internet was the place to look. How disappointing was the steam loco range from Backmann Graham Farish, not a lot is there, the big four are very poorly represented if at all and most GWR engines seem to be BR era.

On an up note Dapol was not around last time I was modelling as far as I know, so refreshing to see some nice steam locos there with good detail.

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The farish website hasnt got a lot on it tbh your better off looking at

i have just gone over from OO to N gauge myself and bought the farish 370-250 diesel fuel freight set (class 47)
Hi Swingcats,

Don't forget to look at the new Peco Collett. It's a bit pricy but has good detail and is already DCC chipped.

I too was a little disappointed with the GF Range but, in additiion to the RTR GWR locos have bought a GF King & Castle in BR Green which I intend to re-livery courtesy of Fox Transfers. Altogether with GF, Dapol and Peco I have put together a stable of 12 locos so far and GF are promising a Hall in 3 liveries later this year. I'll probabaly get 2 and re-number/re-name one of them.

The table below gives a full list of my current stable + plans for expansion.

King 4-6-0 BR Green - To be re-liveried Graham Farish GF\372551 Hattons King James II - BR Green
Castle 4-6-0BR Green - To be re-liveried Graham Farish GF\372025 Hattons Hartlebury Castle 7033 - BR Green
Manor - Not Available
Hall 4-6-0 GWR Green Graham Farish GF\372002 Rood Ashton 4965 - Available mid 2008
Hall 4-6-0 GWR Green - To be re-named Graham Farish GF\372002
0-6-0 Collett + Tender GWR Green PecoNL-24 Hattons DCC Ready
14XX Small Tank 0-4-2 GWR Green/Shirtbutton Dapol ND004 Hattons
45XX Prairie Tank 2-6-2 GWR Green Dapol ND014 Hattons
45XX Prairie Tank 2-6-2 GWR Green Dapol ND047 Hattons Sloping Tank
57XX Pannier Tank 0-6-0 GWR Green/Shirtbutton Graham Farish GF\371905 Hattons
61XX Prairie Tank 2-6-2 GWR Green Graham Farish GF\371979 Hattons
87XX Pannier Tank 0-6-0 GWR Green Graham Farish GF\371931 Hattons
94XX Pannier Tank 0-6-0 GWR Green Graham Farish GF\371951 Hattons
GWR Railcar (No. 12)Chocolate & Cream/Shirtbutton Graham Farish GF\371626 Hattons
GWR Railcar (No. 22)Chocolate & Cream/Shirtbutton Graham Farish GF\371626A Hattons
GWR Parcels Railcar Chocolate & Cream/Shirtbutton - Will need to modify Passenger Railcar
GWR Railcar without motor May need to build from a kit

Hope this helps.


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So far I have

Graham Farish Hall Class, GWR RAVENINGHAM HALL- As New old stock 1981 e-bay 2008

Graham Farish Prairie Tank GWR no 3112 new in 1995

Graham Farish 57xx Tank GWR No 5768 new in 1995

Graham Farish General Purpose Tank SR new in 2000

Dapol 45xx straight GWR NEW 2008

All post 1940

PS, I have posted pics of the Sandstone on another thread.
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