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Bagnall 0-4-0 Port of Par Saddle Tank Loco

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This item may be of interest to some of you modellers.
I often visit the Bodmin and Wenford Railway and one of the resident loco's is a Bagnall 0-4-0 saddle tank with a low profile due to the height restrictions at Par docks in Cornwall, where it was based. The last but one issue of the Hornby magazine mentioned that a conversion from their oversized Bill/Ben to this loco was possible and not too difficult. Fuelled with enthusiasm I decided to purchase the said loco and attempt the conversion.
I must admit that I had the loco for some weeks, running it and looking at the way in which the body had been constructed before attempting to proceed. Then I decided it was about time that I ventured forth as the model was not an expensive outlay and if I made a terrible mistake in attempting this operation it would not be the end of the world as the motor and chassis would be of use for other things perhaps.
The body was stripped to its main components. The saddle tank narrowed by cutting longways across the top approx the width of the dome and also lowered by cutting away some of the body under the saddle tank. this was then cemented back together and when set the top of the saddle tank filed to a more correct profile.
The next stage was to tackle the frame of the loco, this suffered similar treatment.
The cab had to be narrowed and lowered and proved more awkward but with care and thought it is possible, once again cemented together and then all parts when satisfactory offered together and if care has been taken it is possible to reuse and adapt the original fixing points as provided by Hornby.
The cylinder assembly had to be cut and then glued to the underframe.
The buffers had to be removed and repositioned on the buffer beam.
Then with a spare "Smokey Joe" body I removed from it the smoke box door, chimney top, dome, and water filler cap, these were then fitted to the saddle tank top in the correct position.
Followed by model filler sanding and painting.
The project is not finally finished as I'm not too happy with the colour of yellow i have used, handrails still need to be fitted and nameplates fitted, however I am pleased with the results and now have an unusual and much more to scale (although probably not accurate) model of a favourite loco.

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Sounds interesting. Look forward to the pictures.

For posting photos, look here. If you still need a hand, please send me a message.
Here is a link to the Bodmin and Wenford Railway in Cornwall:-

and here is a picture of Mike's favourite loco:-

The Bodmin and Wenford Railway say that...

QUOTE Due to the somehow friendly nature of this engine it is amongst the favourites of many people.

I must say I can see why!

Just to complete the picture here is Hornby's Bill:-

Over to you Mike for the image of your conversion!

I must admit I am tempted to do the conversion myself!

Is anybody else tempted to do the conversion or should Hornby simply produce a model anyway using Ben?

Happy modelling
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