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Ball-Park figure on Tri-ang pieces?

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Total newbi to trains I'm afraid, but I have just come in to a load of Tri-ang bits n bobs and was wondering if any of your goodselves might be able to give me a ball-park figure?!? They are not really my thing and if someone else could enjoy them it would be better than them gathering dust at my place.

Boxed r.225 S.R Suburban Motor coach dummy end
Boxed r.156 S.W Suburban motor coach x 2
Boxed r.100 diamond crossing
boxed r.102 and r.101 hand op points
and about 20 unboxed pieces of various track

The boxes are a little worn on the corners and some of the tracks have a few paint splashes but the train and coaches seem in good nick.
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If the SR DMU's are any good it may be worthwhile selling them through Really good quality Triang stuff from the 1950's can still fetch reasonable money. Without pictures its difficult to offer a ball park figure.

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Try watching E-bay for the EMU, there are a couple of 3 car variants on at the moment but they don't seem to be attracting mich attention. Then again they don't appear to be pristine.

The track will not be worth a lot as s/h track never is.


if your not hard up for cash i would keep them if i was you. clean them up a bit get them runing and replace any broken/missing parts you will have a nice colection to start on i have loads of triang
If the condition is as good as these shown in the link below then they should fetch the sort of money indicated:-

Vectis Sale 10th March 2007

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If you are going to stick with the hobby you could purchase Ramsey's Guide which gives mint boxed and average prices. It excludes eBay as that can be up and down. My mate considers it his 'blble' for this sort of thing!
QUOTE It excludes eBay as that can be up and down.

Totally agree. Proper collector auctions have a consistent pricing pattern lacking on eBay. The big difference is at a proper auction you can actually view what you are buying and so you are not gambling as a buyer. As a seller you know that you will have a large interested audience for your item. The 10 day eBay sales window and poor descriptions and images offered by most eBay sellers make for a very inconsistent sales environment. Why should an item realise £10 one day and the same item realise £40 weeks later? This doesn't happen at proper auctions.

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The Tri-ang Suburban motor coach and dummy car was bid up to £170 including auction commission at the sale mentioned above.

These still obtain top money in nice condition.

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