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Ballast Colours in the Benelux/Germany region

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Wondering if colleagues modeling the Belgian railway might be able to tell me this... what ballast colours are most suitable for the border regions of Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg/Germany?

Thanks for any advice you may be able to provide!
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Have a look at the gallery of dbclass50 - that's set in Belgium.

I had a look at the ballast whilst travelling across the country a couple days ago... from what I could see there was quite a large mixture between a red and grey melange, and cemet grey coloured ballast...

Hopefully dbclass50 can give some insight
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The ballast colours on St.Laurent are as chosen by the original builder (for those that are unaware St.Laurent was originally built by Bill Roberts & given a makeover by BRITHO & I).

AFAIK the ballast colours are correct for this part of Belgium.
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