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Ballast question and hanging basket lining for grass?

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I wanted to have a go at using the hanging basket lining for grass but Im not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. I had a look in Sainsburys Homebase yesterday but couldn't find it.

Also, regarding ballasting, there is only one shop in town that has anything railway related and is all Hornby. I had a look at the skaledale range of gravel/ballast and was going to for a medium texture but I wasn't quite sure which colour to go for. I've looked at a few ballast "how tos" and not sure if I want to put a light coat of spray onto the tracks before ballasting to take the shine off or after but then by spraying after the ballast will also become a duller colour from the paint.

I think its best to do a couple of testers first and choose which one I like the look of the most and go from there. I don't want to change how I lay the ballast around the track as it will look odd (its modern image)
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I think you'll be better off using a finer ballast than Hornby. Lots of guys use N guage ballast for OO. I would use fine grade and mix two or more colours to get a more natural looking effect. Colour depends on what you are modelling. If you are modelling a steam shed then a dark colour, A diesel shed would use lighter colours with dark patches to simulate spills and actual lines would vary by region and period.
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