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Ballast Too Dark?

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Anyone else have this problem?

I use the tried and tested method of laying ballast - lay dry, brush into place, water and drop of washing up liquid followed by PVA/water mix dripped on BUT ...

the ballast ALWAYS ends up going a dark shade and sometimes from grey to green.

I use fine and/or medium grey ballast (Jarvis and Woodland Scenics).

How do all the layouts in magazines and at exhibitions prevent ballast from looking dark grey/green? What, if anything, am I doing wrong?

Is there any way I can avoid this or will I either have to paint the ballast or use Woodlands Scenics light grey only?
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or is it even the same stuff we have in the UK?

Perhaps there is a reaction with the actual wetting agent?

often, a drop or two of washing up liquid is mentioned......but...which one?

there is a dutch firm who produce a specialised, flexible ballast fixative....which avoids the 'concrete wellie' effect of what is now our traditonal ballasting technique.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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