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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 24 Jan 2009, 13:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*** As has often been mentioned on thread, 50:50 is far too much glue.

Try 1/3 glue, 1/3 methylated spirits and 1/3 water as the heaviest mix, as it still works with much, much less glue than that.

Meths is far better at breaking surface tension than dishwashing liquid and with meths in the mix, it dulls the PVA shine better and dries much faster too.

prespray track with pure meths, apply glue with syringe, respray with meths.... glue instantly disappears totally into ballast.

Re foam.

You wand a PE or EVA closed cell foam sheet 5mm thick to match the ballast strip you have already used.


I tried Richards approach when I first saw it about 15 months ago and it works extremely well.
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