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I have a new Bachmann 8750 class Pannier tank fitted with a TCS MC2 chip.
I use a Lenz LH100 controller set to 28 steps.
At default CVs it does 0 - 60 on step 1 and goes in to orbit shortly thereafter.

After reading other threads and playing around with CVs 2/3/4/5/6, the following settings have slowed it down a little but it is still far too fast.

CV2 - 0
CV3 - 0
CV4 - 0
CV5 - 100
CV6 - 30

Can anyone suggest ways of obtaining a more sedate pace befitting its role in the goods yard?


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Thanks for the suggestions.
I am now a happy but bemused bunny.
I'm happy because the problem is solved but bemused because I don't understand how!

I took the advice from 34C.
I did a factory reset which created the original starting point i.e. 0 - 60 on step 1.

Then I removed the decoder from the Bachmann and put it in a Hornby Pannier which normally has brilliant speed control - and it still had! Clearly not a decoder problem.

I put the decoder which worked so well in the Hornby in to the Bachmann and got great speed control.

Just to be sure I put the original decoder back in the Bachmann and got 0 - 60 on step 1!
I have switched the decoders around again and now have 2 panniers with great speed control.

I don't understand the physics but now it ain't broke so it don't need fixing.

Thanks again for all your input

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