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Baltic tank loco R56

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I have just become the ownerof a Triang Baltic Tank loco R56, and wondered if any one can help with 2 requests? the first being, when was it made? this example i have has the old triang logo on the side of the tanks, and the running number 4830 set in a red oval disc on the side of the coal bunker, and has the origional triang open ended couplings, but is missing the rear headlamp.
And secondly, the plastic body is slightly distorted, was this a common problem with these, the tank sides have moved inwards, the cab roof is slightly depressed, and the front buffer beam has turned up, there are no cracks or other damage to it, is it possible to rectify these faults?
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The loco was produced between 1955 and 1960. The distortion suggests you have an early example with plastic safety valves from 1955 or 1956 and it is not repairable. Later examples had bodies made of a different material with brass safety valves. Replacement replica lights are available from James Day of The Train Collectors Society. A total of just 16000 of these models was produced during the period so it is a relatively rare Triang model and in top condition boxed collectors will pay very good money!

Happy modelling
Thanks for the quick reply, i can confirm that the safty valves are plastic, and moulded on, the slight distortion does not detract from its overall apperance, but would have prefered it not to be that way, its also intresting to know that spare headlamps are still available, unfortunatly i do not have the origional or for that matter any box for it,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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