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Bargain Hornby Train Sets at Amazon

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Just spotted these on HOTUKDEALS and thought it was my duty to bring them to your attention! have many Hornby Train sets at Half Price including:-

Digital Orient Express Premier Boxed Set at £150
Digital Pendolino Set at £91.50

Plus 3 or 4 large Scalextric sets all Half Price too, and with free delivery in time for Christmas.

I've just been naughty and ordered the Premier Boxed Set, now I'm in trouble......

Happy Christmas
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Thanks for pointing this out, Ashley. I bought the Orient Express set, and it arrived today- what a great price! Just a few hours after I bought it, the price reverted to the usual £293, where it remains now. I did wonder if someone at Amazon had made a mistake.
I missed the 1st post - unfortunately. I would have bought the Orient Express set too at that price. Given the controller away, but kept the train.
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