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Hi David
For open top baseboards (which I have opted for this time around - See my web site )
You would be best off with two types of saws which I have used - Electric jig saw fitted with a blade that cuts on the down stroke rather than the more normal up stroke cut of most blades - have a good look at the blades on sale in B & Q, Wickes etc and you will find fairly fine down stroke cutting blades available for most makes of jig saws.
I also recommend a mitre saw (I have a 600mm long blade version) these are manual cutting saws with fixed cutting angles for trimming ends of PSE timber etc before assembly of the frame work. A 100% 90 degree cut etc always! If you can afford one, an electric compound drop mitre saw (chop saw) is useful item to have but not essential, as the manual mitre saw is just as good but takes longer to cut timber!

All the best
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