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hello folks! hope you all had a nice xmas and new year!. i spent new year in germany (munich) found some undiscovered model shops and made a few purchases (eu - £ is a disaster!).

anyways, my project is beginning to get started. from a recommendation on here, i ordered from bromsgrove models 4 pairs of dowels to locate the 3 baseboards accurately together and they arrived very quickly. - excellent service from bromsgrove!.

my question is this, what is the best method of mounting those dowels.

on the underside of the baseboards on the joining edges is the wooden cross brace ... is this the right spot to put those dowels?

and what is the best way of mounting them? just to drill 9mm holes into the wood and push them in? ... or shud there be some kind of glue to hold them in ... and the dowels are metal (redish colour) so how do you glue metal to wood?

sorry about what must be very obviuos questions to you experienced folks, but iv never done this before!

many thanks!

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I developed these dowells so can tell you the correct way to get best results

If you do it this way, then you will get a perfect result. It is easy and foolproof but you must use the correct drills.

Clamp the two baseboard ends together.
Make pilot holes where you want the dowells right through both end boards with a 2~3mm drill then separate the two baseboard ends.

On outer face of end board: The pilot hole will guide the 19mm drill .

Use a 19mm drill or spade drill (irwin type) to make a shallow hole (about 3~4mm deep) in each face for the collar of the dowell. depth should match the collar - hold the wide collar end of the female dowell into the hole to check and stop when collar can be flush with board face.

On inner face of end board: The pilot hole will guide the 13mm drill .

Use a 13mm drill or spade drill (irwin type) from the back side to complete the holes

Gently tap the Dowells into the holes so the face of the collars are flush with the baseboard face.

I also tend to add a wee bit of PVA wood glue to the dowell "ribs" to give a firm "lock" - it holds them secure but they will not be damaged by the glue and can be removed later if you want to re-use the dowells. The glue won't affect the dowell at all


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