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We have been contacted by someone working on a forthcoming BBC TV project:
QUOTE ..................................................................... I'm working for the BBC on a
big new series about peoples' homes (it's an interior design show, really),
and am on the lookout for people who have a model railway in their loft...!

The series is themed by room (so show one might be Living Rooms, show two
might be Kitchens and so on). The idea is that breaking up the other strands
in the show are these small, three minute pieces in which we get a glimpse
of how people live in Britain in the 21st Century. The house itself isn't
important -- we've filmed in mansions on the side of a hill and in small 1
bedroom ex-council flats. What's important is the passion of the person that
lives there for the space they have created for themselves.

One of our rooms is lofts, and we'd love to feature someone who has made
actual use of their loft space as a sort of hobby room (instead of the usual
boxes-full-of-junk or comeplete revamp into Living Space with en-suite
bathroom...!). We then interview them about what they love about their
attic, and why they've got a model railway up there! It's all very easy and
nice, and should be a fun day.

I need to find someone by the end of next week (the 19th of May), and was
wondering if you could put something up on your website/ email everyone you
know for me!

Any help would be much appreciated..........................................................

If you would like to participate, please send me an email ([email protected]) or PM with your name, address and contact details and I'll pass them on. I suppose a photo of the layout would help you get selected, but it not required (at least not at this stage)

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Hi there,

I'm pleased to say that my layout has been accepted by the BBC for the forthcoming programme "HOME". The Production crew spent a day with my family & I and the programme will focus very much on our home with the layout being part of it. I'll let you all know when filming takes place.

You can check out my layout on the website

Best wishes


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I don't know about that I saw the ad for this series last night and I suspect yours will probably be the most sane bit of it. I didn't realise what the hell they were advertising until they gave the title close to the end, some scary looking rooms on it never mind the homeowners.

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This seems a bit of a newsy story.

A model railway forum on the internet helped the BBC bring an enthusiastic modeller and TV producer together to ceate a program that is being shown next Tuesday 19th September.

Hopefully railway modelling will be seen in a more positive light by productions for the BBC than by those of ITV.

You have a very big responsibility winterbournecm...

I trust you were not wearing your cap, waving your flag and blowing your whistle during filming!

Happy modelling
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