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Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder

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Neil's fantastic review on scenery just came in the right time for me. Now that laying tracks are over in "Bayland" its time to start off to do the scenery.

The materials to be used is out there. Its how one plans to use them effectively and to the best of his/her skills so to create the world that they are about to roll their trains. Remember, we are all architects one way or another and at the end of the day, its the end result that will satisfy our souls and say; ahha thats it I've done it!. Sheer satisfaction and joy.

There might be modelers who are quite happy with their layout as it is. Some might even say; I am not bothered with scenery, just running trains intention in starting this thread is not for those, but for those who would like to push the bar slightly upwards into achiving/capturing realism .

In the age of the web one gets the chance to see alot of photos of certain modellers layouts for inspiration. Like it or not taking photographs is also a part of our hobby and we do share alot of what we achive.

Call it rivet counting or whatever, when looking at certain pictures of layouts I usually look at the bits and details, probably its the detailer in me.
I have seen pretty good layouts with fantastic scenery, every item weathered, however the train passing thru this gorgeous setting shines brightly !

I know there is a lot of parameters involved, skill is one of them. I have enjoyed spending hours in looking at certain fantastic pictures taken of very realistic layouts. One of these is from a gentelman, who probably most of you know by name :Jacq Damen.

He has risen the bar at a very high level. Just to show you what I mean, two photos with his kind permision:

for more you can check:

So I guess its now time to put my efforts where my mouth is...

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I think that the difference between good and great is not always that big. Ultimately it comes down to planning and obtaining an overall look. Consistent (or is that inconsistent) weathering of the entire scene and the use of correct colouring are big factors.

It is interesting to look back in history and see the difference in materials that have been used for scenary. Coloured sawdust looks like coloured sawdust to me but static grass does look like grass. Some people swear by woodland scenics products, but IMHO some of the colourings are only suitable for US layouts.

British, European and US scenic accessory providers all have something to offer no matter what the prototype is that you are modelling. Who would have thought that great results are obtained by some research.
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