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My new Bemo Ge 4/4 III arrived safely yesterday and I managed to detail it this morning and afternoon. Some of these parts are so darned tiny I was using a magnifying glass for everything except the MU hoses. The holes were large enough for me to see and the hoses slid right in the holes.

I'm breaking it in now, and programmed the address, but I like the way it runs out of the box so I won't be playing with any CV's. This is going to take the place (most of the time) for the ABe 4/4 III Triebwagen that has been on service for about three years or more now. I'll still run the Triebwagen, but its earned a part-time retirement.

Excellent detail and running from Bemo. Hope the motor holds out. My Allegra is already on its second motor.

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