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Benchwork height - a minefield as it is so incredibly personal and also depends on the type of layout. It also depends on whether you anticipate spending much time underneath it, doing the wiring etc

As a happy medium, I prefer it to be just about the height of my hip joints, which then automatically ensures the very best possible bend-over reach across the layout when needed. But this wouldn't matter a jot to someone with a narrow layout of course!

For me, that height is 900mm, give or take a few, but it's going to vary for individuals! Kids are not considered - feed them the right food and enourage the little monsters to grow faster! At that height of 900mm, it is very comfortable to sit down and also pretty easy to get underneath when needed.

A word on stools - they are dangerous to stand on, uncomfortable to sit on and you are always tripping over the damn things when not in use.
Much the same can be said for kids!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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