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Berlins new railway station

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I saw this article on the BBC website. This is Berlins newly completed railway station. It's a beaut.

"Featuring vast glass panels it is Europe's largest station and will handle more than 1,100 trains a day."

"As Germany prepares for the football World Cup, the wraps come off a new landmark - Berlin's central railway station."

"The station has 54 escalators and 34 lifts - some offering views over the city, looking out at the Bundestag."

"It is located next to the River Spree, a few metres west of the no-man's-land where the Berlin Wall once stood."

"A sound and light show will crown a weekend of celebrations to mark the opening."

"Deutsche Bahn chief executive Hartmut Mehdorn has described it as "the most beautiful station in the world"."

I wonder how much space that would take up in HO scale?
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Imagine having to clean that roof. Going to be a mecca for half the pigeons in Europe. Great isn't it they get a brand new station for the world cup and we'll be lucky to get another 200 yards of the docklands light railway built in time for the olympics.
Is it just me or does that loco in picture 4 of the Aussie station look vaguely familiar? Would that be the Australian version of the good old UK HST by any chance?Anyway the station roof looks like it got a bit too close to the last bushfire to me. Looks big and airy though.
As for Berlins new station it looks like an office block with good acces to the rail network to me which it probably is. Nice curved shape to it as well, wonder what the German for mind the gap is. Minden Ze Gap perhaps?
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From what I read there is an issue over the entire station only having one toilet block. Maybe this is where they cut the corners.
Nice to see its not just us who can make a complete balls up of a major building project then both in terms of time and budget. Wasn't built by Multiplex was it??
QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 7 Jun 2006, 23:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Multiplex are Australian! So it's not just us who can make a balls of big projects. They are pretty good at it here too.
Australians couldn't give a Castelmaine XXXX about English football. Perhaps they should stick to cinemas.

The reason the station project was so over budget and behind schedule is 'cos the cheap Eastern Bloc labour is all over here working on every cheap nasty looking waterside apartment block in Leeds.
Presumably you'll be following the fortunes of the Socceroo's then? Harry "Half a match" Kewell and Mark "Bazooka that" Viduke and the rest. Never know we may get to avenge that embarassing friendly a couple of years ago.
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