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Berlins new railway station

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I saw this article on the BBC website. This is Berlins newly completed railway station. It's a beaut.

"Featuring vast glass panels it is Europe's largest station and will handle more than 1,100 trains a day."

"As Germany prepares for the football World Cup, the wraps come off a new landmark - Berlin's central railway station."

"The station has 54 escalators and 34 lifts - some offering views over the city, looking out at the Bundestag."

"It is located next to the River Spree, a few metres west of the no-man's-land where the Berlin Wall once stood."

"A sound and light show will crown a weekend of celebrations to mark the opening."

"Deutsche Bahn chief executive Hartmut Mehdorn has described it as "the most beautiful station in the world"."

I wonder how much space that would take up in HO scale?
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>Does it really need to be so tall?
There was an item on European railways in the BBC Radio 4 "Four Corners" programme on Monday 22nd May. The first minute or so of this item is taken up with a description of the new station in Berlin and the thoughts behind its style. You can listen to the programme again (until Monday 29th May) by going to the "Four Corners" website using this link:-

BBC Radio 4 "Four Corners"

The item starts about 18:30 into the programme and continues to the end.

After Monday 29th May, you will have to go to the "Listen Again" section and hunt around in there.

>I suppose it is good for job creation in terms of window cleaning
When did you see a train shed roof with clean windows?

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