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Berlins new railway station

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I saw this article on the BBC website. This is Berlins newly completed railway station. It's a beaut.

"Featuring vast glass panels it is Europe's largest station and will handle more than 1,100 trains a day."

"As Germany prepares for the football World Cup, the wraps come off a new landmark - Berlin's central railway station."

"The station has 54 escalators and 34 lifts - some offering views over the city, looking out at the Bundestag."

"It is located next to the River Spree, a few metres west of the no-man's-land where the Berlin Wall once stood."

"A sound and light show will crown a weekend of celebrations to mark the opening."

"Deutsche Bahn chief executive Hartmut Mehdorn has described it as "the most beautiful station in the world"."

I wonder how much space that would take up in HO scale?
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Well the previous one didn't last a hundred years. I don't think this one will either.
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QUOTE Does it really need to be so tall?

I assumed these were offices and city centre space being at premium cost would be built upwards. Most new buildings tend to be high rise in cities now.
I saw a movie trailer for the Constant Gardener last night and the Railway station has been used for a backdrop in this.

I suppose it is good for job creation in terms of window cleaning.
QUOTE When did you see a train shed roof with clean windows?

Only this one.
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While looking at the pictures of the Berlin station I was thinking "how come they don't build a station like that here?"

Then I remembered they are building a new station here in Spencer st.

This is the one where the interstate trains leave from. Here are some pictures of it under construction.

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The spine trusses for this were actually made in Geelong. There is a picture of one being shipped below. There is also a good photo history of the building of this railway station on this link.

Spencer st

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QUOTE Is it just me or does that loco in picture 4 of the Aussie station look vaguely familiar? Would that be the Australian version of the good old UK HST by any chance?

Yes you're right, it is the HST.
I wondered if anyone would notice that.
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QUOTE Nice to see its not just us who can make a complete balls up of a major building project then both in terms of time and budget. Wasn't built by Multiplex was it??

Multiplex are Australian! So it's not just us who can make a balls of big projects. They are pretty good at it here too.
QUOTE Australians couldn't give a Castelmaine XXXX about English football. Perhaps they should stick to cinemas.

Football is pretty unknown here, especially in Melbourne where football refers to game that is a combination of rugby, boxing and volleyball. They have just discovered it though as they have qualified for the world cup. Maybe if they win a few games it may give them some incentive to build better stadiums and on time.
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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 16 Jun 2006, 00:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Reminds me of the conflict they had with the architect of the Sydney Opera House as well and why I am not today an architect, having gone to Berkeley to be one ...

I suppose architects are like artists and don't like accountants meddling with their creations?
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