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Berlins new railway station

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I saw this article on the BBC website. This is Berlins newly completed railway station. It's a beaut.

"Featuring vast glass panels it is Europe's largest station and will handle more than 1,100 trains a day."

"As Germany prepares for the football World Cup, the wraps come off a new landmark - Berlin's central railway station."

"The station has 54 escalators and 34 lifts - some offering views over the city, looking out at the Bundestag."

"It is located next to the River Spree, a few metres west of the no-man's-land where the Berlin Wall once stood."

"A sound and light show will crown a weekend of celebrations to mark the opening."

"Deutsche Bahn chief executive Hartmut Mehdorn has described it as "the most beautiful station in the world"."

I wonder how much space that would take up in HO scale?
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QUOTE Well the previous one didn't last a hundred years. I don't think this one will either.

I dont think that Britain particulary helped its survival.
It looks more like and Airport than a railway Station!.
Does it really need to be so tall?
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By that statement I meant compared to other buildings it appeared more like an airport than a Railway Station I never said a Railway Station shouldnt look like that Most Railway Stations I have seen are plain simple structures rarely more than 5 floors at most and tend to be Victorian Wheras Berlins new station resembles an Airport closer than a Railway Station
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