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Bertie's First Steam

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Today I got rid of one modelling project for our Festival Week Show here in Dunedin [ Feb 2 to Feb10] and button holed a particular place in our display cabinet for a static display so for relaxation I got around to firing up Bertie and running him on his 'Running Road' ... he did first ten minutes and then seventeen minutes.
Earlier with my own feeble efforts I have found there is a slight mis-match in holes size between the filling adaptor provided by Roundhouse and the valves shown earlier in another thread which leak gas while not transfering much liquid LPG into my tank. So I will need to make or get another adaptor matched to the smaller nozzle .... But with my first two attempts with Bertie the adaptor fitted perfectly ... so much so that I did the second fill in my workroom ... though with a large window open a couple of feet away.

Runs were short becuase due to the novice driver Bertie was blowing off through the safety valve all the time, wasting a lot a steam which with better driving would go towards duration ... 25 minutes is suggested in the manual ... also on track with a load he would work slower than on the RR doing perhaps 200rpm.

Next job I think is a case to keep him in and the paraphernalia he owns.
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