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Im new so i dont exactly know weather im doing the right thing any way, a few years ago i was at an auction and there was a guy selling about 8 loco's many lifelike, hornby triang etc, 20 buildings, 5 controlers, over 100 meters of track etc and my mum bought it for me for christmas an she got all this stuff for $450 Australian and it came with some hornby catalogues in mint condition from 1975 and heaps of old stuff like that.

What is somthing you have got which is a great bargain?
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I bought a Garratt HOe loco from Gary - excellent bargain (Just winding him up

I did buy 4 brand new Hornby A4 and MN class locos from a seller on eBay for less than £40 each and a new Live steam set for £250. It must have been the night of the footbal world cup or the last episode of Eastenders... The sad thing was that the seller had more of the same for the same sort of prices.
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Its only a bargain if you want it.

The interesting point is that everybody has a price and when you see something at a certain price you just have to have it! (retailer =

My local stockist has a "50% off" sale on a few select Hornby and Bachmann items and whilst these are absolute bargains I passed. I bought a few things though in his 20% off sale because I wanted them.

I would probably still pass on the 50% items even at 75% off!

However Trav was at an auction when he got his bargain and whilst you can pick up bargains at auctions you can also be lumbered with a lot of stuff you don't really want.

I picked up an Ian Kirk kit built LNER teak sleeping car coach from Southampton Models for £4 at a toy fair but then I knew it was worth at least £50!

Southampton Models were happy and I was happy!

Its the David Dickinson "Bargain Hunt" principle.

Happy modelling
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My all time bargain was the evening star set from M&S in 2004 for £29!
A Hornby "Evening Star" & "Class 29" for £10 the two.

The shop was pulling out of selling Model Railways and was selling off their stock just to get rid of it. Pity I wasn't there sooner.
My biggest bargain was at a toy and train fair here in Switzerland. Someone was selling a whole boxload of Kitmaster kits (all unmade and original) at SFr 5 each. I bought several, including a diesel shunter, some BR Mk1 coaches in SR green, some wagons and an Airfix railbus.

Funny thing is soon afterwards, I went GWR and I still have the kits sitting in my cupboard
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QUOTE However Trav was at an auction when he got his bargain and whilst you can pick up bargains at auctions you can also be lumbered with a lot of stuff you don't really want.

Very true, and i did get alot of stuff i didnt want but one thing I got heaps of and i dont realy use it coz it rusts easy and I dont think you can get any of it anymore is the old Super 4 track, I got heaps of it and rolling stock and trains from the same era, i was told it's antique?
Just ordered a heljan hymek off the rails mailing list for under £40. It was a close call between that and 50035 Ark Royal at £44.50. If i hadn't cleared out my paypal account i might've got both.
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New Hornby A4, Sir. Charles Newton, brand new from a shop, for £50.00, $120.00AUD! I think thats pretty good

Bought a LIMA GWR Express parcels Railcar ( ebay ) for 2 quid and sold it again for 58 Quid !!

Got a Wrenn Castle class for 8 Euros.... ( ebay )
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A well built K's GCR Sir Sam Fay, painted by Brackenborough, with no motor (which I would have binned anyway) for £30.00 a few of years ago at a local exhibition (yep, I got there early!)
Its been on the cover of BRM since.
A rake of 6 of the New Hornby Teak cars for around £16 each, or $40 dollars Australian! I paid more than that for some of them, and much less for others, So I think it was a pretty good bargain!

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