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I have 2 questions:
1) I've just picked up 5 Heljans at a great price (27/33/35/52/58) and would like to know the best decoders for these? - I usually use Lenz Silver (or Hornby - I know...).
2) I have a Bachman 20 with sound. I have an Elite (I know) which works great...but the functions are very cumbersome to use - too many key presses. What controller would give seperate f1-fn buttons and the ability to save a profile for each button with each loco so that when I select the 20 it knows that F2-F8 need to be momentary not latching so I can just toot the horn when I want to...but for other locos, Fn is latching so I can control the lights properly.
Many thanks
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